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I began teaching workshops in non-objective painting over 10 years ago and quickly came to realize the benefits of connecting and working with other artists on a deeper level. Witnessing artists experience true breakthroughs in their practice, overcome blocks, and make significant progress in strengthening their work is the real reward for me.

In addition to workshops, I am now offering one-on-one virtual Art Coaching services. My goal is to collaborate with artists to help motivate them, gain clarity around the direction of their work, focus on specific goals and instill confidence in their art practice.

  • Art coaching is ideal for those who cannot attend in person workshops as well as artists I have worked with in the past that want to keep going.
  • We will focus on clarifying your personal vision and growing your art practice through motivation, guidance, and personal feedback.
  • Sessions can focus on critiques that are in-depth and examine what's working, possible directions for strengthening and developing the work, helping you identify and stay on track with your goals, or building a cohesive body of work.


"Time with Krista is time well spent. After connecting with Krista at her work shop in Santa Fe, I decided to explore further with her in a weekly one-on-one Art Coaching session. She helped me take a very candid look at my work. I felt understood and appreciated the insight from a fellow creative. Krista is an exemplary artist and has a wealth of knowledge from decades of studying, processing, painting and exhibiting. I am grateful for the interaction."
—Toni Lyons Phillips

"In collaborating with Krista during our one-on-one coaching sessions has been a game changer for me. Krista has provided me the tools, insightful feedback, and inspiring conversation that has helped me to focus on doing the deep work necessary in order to access my own voice. Thank you Krista for being so available and present in our sessions!"
—Stacy Phillips



$175/hr for 1 to 3 sessions
$150/hr for 4 or more sessions
Sessions are generally scheduled weekly.

Preferred method of payment is Venmo. PayPal is also an option.
(2.9% processing fee from Paypal or Venmo maybe be applied.)



Every artist is unique and I like to have a short introductory call before embarking on full session to discuss your goals and determine the best way to work together. Sessions are usually scheduled once per week to maintain consistency and momentum, and assignments are often executed in between sessions.

I work with a limited number of students at a time in order to provide the most personal experience.

Session 1 is focused on where you are in your practice and what your goals and aspirations are.

Session 2 generally includes a review of your work to date, including current and past bodies of work and even works in progress.

Session 3 is to discuss the areas you feel confident and those you'd like input and guidance with. We lay out a plan for you and your work in coming sessions.






To inquire about Art Coaching and get on the wait list, email me at artist@kristaharris.com

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